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The present research paper sheds light more info GSV Krampfadern advantages and disadvantages and presents the 29 GSV Krampfadern month — results of an GSV Krampfadern ambulatory clinical study with retrospective design. Hund Thrombophlebitis 13 years by now, varicosis has been increasingly treated endovenously.

Thus, in the course of the GSV Krampfadern few years, plenty of experience has been gathered with endoluminal therapy, quality criteria have been defined and standards for the different techniques have been developed. By now, 15 centers are working successfully with the new therapy GSV Krampfadern in Germany alone. The author has applied Venaseal for the first time in a great saphenous vein on 1st of August During the time period from 31st. July to 20 th. Thick branch-offs GSV Krampfadern auxiliary side branches were additionally treated with a single-shot glue.

The maximal diameter was 2,3 cm. Also venous aneurysmas were treatet, we used a new technique in 4 cases, we treated with a single shoot of glue througt a seldinger needle into the ectatic vein. This corresponds to a closure rate of Over a time GSV Krampfadern of Betrieb Varizen Stavropol months up to now, we were able to follow up saphenous veins and GSV Krampfadern we found 3 more partial GSV Krampfadern. The pain score for subjectively felt pain on the 1st day post-surgery range was between 1 and 4 2.

With appropriate antiphlogistic treatment with ibuprofen and trophischen Geschwüren Heilung Menschen Mittel dressings, this subsided within days. One point of this is the use of more glue because of GSV Krampfadern two or more veins simultaneously.

In all other cases GSV Krampfadern to follow-up examinations, no complications of any kind, GSV Krampfadern paresthesias or hypesthesias, no permanent skin reactions, GSV Krampfadern phlebitis or thrombosis or infections were observed. Only in one case we were seen a GSV Krampfadern fistula at the peripherial punktion and GSV Krampfadern other case we were reportet about a staphyloccosus — sepsis, but the treatet vein and the punktion area were clinical and in ultrasound without any pathological signs.

In particular, even subcutaneously situated saphenous veins could be glued without any significant skin reaction reddening, swelling. We prefer to use compression stockings only in cases, the diameter of the treated vein ist over 1,2 cm or in treatment of venous aneurysm or ectatic varicous veins.

In the last 15 years, the necessary quality criteria for endovascular interventions on veins with varicose changes were largely laid down, and several comparative studies on functional efficacy of radical stripping surgery on the one hand and GSV Krampfadern treatments on the other hand were furthermore conducted. By now, it has emerged as an undeniable fact that endovenous interventions do not only exhibit a merely cosmetic advantage as was hitherto assumed.

They also have clinical advantages and quite significantly reduce side effects and complications such as still occur regularly today as in the past in connection with the conventional surgical technique. Thus, the colleagues who work with endovenous procedures meanwhile have reliable criteria for a high-quality therapy. Although it is a catheter-based procedure in terms of the basic principle of the GSV Krampfadern approach, it differs fundamentally with regard GSV Krampfadern the closure technique.

While the glue likewise gives rise to GSV Krampfadern certain temperature approx. GSV Krampfadern effects as those known to occur in connection with laser and radio GSV Krampfadern therapy ultimately play no significant role here.

The necessary reliable closure is achieved by means of a cyanoacrylate superglue, the basic chemical formula of which has been known since several decades, and which is being used in neuroradiology in the treatment of vascular malformations since We do Klima mit Krampfadern need anesthesias anymore and can in most cases do without postoperative compression therapy.

The significantly reduced side effects and a well-nigh negligible pain score are also clear advantages in comparison with laser and radio wave therapy.

In the final analysis, the new procedure has to meet solely the hard criterion of efficacy, namely the permanence of an effective vein closure. And as far as this aspect is concerned, both the first results of the eSCOPE study and the results of single-center studies, and also currently of the VeClose studyare very good.

In the time periods between 6 and 12 months covered by follow-up examinations up to now, both procedures have proven quite clearly superior to laser therapy in terms of effectiveness. Both the pain score and the rate of side GSV Krampfadern are very low in comparison.

Particularly pain GSV Krampfadern well as the neurological side effects no longer play any significant role at all. These are the main problem GSV Krampfadern with GSV Krampfadern and radio wave therapy though.

Here, we meanwhile consider the well-known risk of neurological side effects and complications associated with application of the laser and radio frequency techniques as being too high. In the light of the nearly 2 and a half years of experience we have gathered by now, we recommend that every vein GSV Krampfadern that applies endovenous treatment should have at least 2 alternative treatment GSV Krampfadern at its disposal.

Thank you for your interesting article. We have tried to find information about treating the local side branches. Are these side GSV Krampfadern treated in your own protocol?

There is not an official approval for using venaseal in side branches, only greater and GSV Krampfadern saphenous veins or Giacomini vein GSV Krampfadern other greater veins included. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. The follow-up observation period in our study is currently up to GSV Krampfadern months.

All patients were able to leave the office between 30 and minutes GSV Krampfadern Thrombophlebitis, was es ist intervention. Discussion In the last 15 years, the necessary quality criteria for endovascular interventions on veins with varicose changes were largely laid down, and several comparative studies on GSV Krampfadern efficacy of radical stripping surgery on the one hand and endovenous treatments on the other GSV Krampfadern were furthermore conducted.

Zierau, Thank you GSV Krampfadern your interesting article. With best wishes, Tuomas Koskinen, MD, vascular surgeon. Koskinen There is not an official approval for using venaseal in GSV Krampfadern branches, only greater and shorter saphenous veins or Giacomini vein or other greater veins included.

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